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Your contract will automatically renew at the end of each contract term for another 12-month term. You agree that Social Clique, Inc. may automatically renew your contract and charge your account on the one year anniversary of your last contract date (the “Renewal Date”), unless you cancel your contract before the Renewal Date. Social Clique, Inc. will automatically renew your contract each year on the Renewal Date until you cancel your contract or Social Clique, Inc. no longer offers the contract service.

We understand the busy, often unpredictable schedule of a small business. Social Clique, Inc. offers a number of payment methods to fit your budget, schedule, and lifestyle. We offer payment via PayPal. PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. Customers may access Paypal through the email invoice they are sent monthly.

Social Clique Inc. requires your logo as an electronic file in any of the following file formats. Your logo designer will be able to provide these files to you:


  1. .png format (Portable Network Graphics)

  2. .gif format (Graphics Interchange Format)

  3. .tiff format (Tagged Image File Format) 

  4. .jpg format (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

Additional terms and conditions may apply to particular information, content, services, applications or to the products and services provided by Social Clique, Inc. (“Additional Terms”)

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