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Cloud Cuckoo Land is a book about a book, told through sets of characters in time periods in the past, present and future. An ancient Greek tale -- Aethon, an old shepherd in search of a "utopian city in the clouds" -- is what binds them all together.

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As the story progresses, we learn that Anna and Omeir end up fleeing Constantinople, meeting and building a life together. After Anna dies, Omeir deposits Anna's damaged-but-treasured book (Cloud Cuckoo Land) in the library of the ducal palace in Urbino. By 2019, the book's text is illegible, but new scanning technology recovers the text. A middle-aged Zeno translates it, and adapts it into a children's play. The children help Zeno to figure out that the tale ends with Aethon returning home to pass on his story (since the text is illegible toward the end). In 2020, when Seymour sets off his bomb while the kids are rehearsing, Zeno grabs the bomb and runs to an empty area to save the kids, killing himself. In 2057, a remorseful Seymour compiles Zeno's translation into a book and gives it to the kids that Zeno saved. In the future, Konstance's father tells her the story of Cloud Cuckoo Land (Konstance's grandmother was one of the children that Zeno saved). Konstance uses her time in isolation to find a virtual version of Zeno's Cloud Cuckoo Land translation and transcribe it. Later, when she learns Argos is merely an intergenerational experiment on Earth (and not a ship at all), she breaks out, taking her handwritten copy of the book with her. The book ends with her reading Cloud Cuckoo Land to her son in the year 2146.

Cloud Cuckoo Land, excerpts. Interspersed within and throughout all the chapters are excerpts and various parts relaying bits and pieces of the story of Diogenes's Cloud Cuckoo Land. In these parts, it describes how Aethon drunkenly watches a performance of Aristophanes' play The Birds and ends up believing that Cloud Cuckoo Land is a real place in the clouds. Determined to find it, he heads for Thessaly, a land of Magic. On the way, he comes across the folklore worlds of many cultures. In Thessaly, he looks for a witch that can transform him into a bird. However, when he tries to copy a witch's transformation ritual, he gets turned into a donkey instead...

In Chapters 22 - 24, in 1453 at Omeir's family home, Omeir slowly teaches Anna his language. They later have three sons, Anna reads to them from her book. She passes away when she is 54. Years later, there is a flood at the cottage. When Anna's book gets soaked, Omeir dries off the pages. When reassembles the book, he is uncertain of the order of the leaves (which is why the book ends up being out of order). After this incident, Omeir shows people Anna's snuffbox until he's told that the enamel depicts Urbino, Italy. He travels there and offers the book to the library at the palace, telling them that he was told they safeguard books there.

Here's the palace! Sure it's really just a wall, but what a wonderful wall it is. It kind of looks like if LEGO made a CandyLand theme, this would be a set from it. The "cloud" base looks convincing as clouds, and even though there are a lot of different colors mashed together, it seems to work.

This is my (very loose) interpretation of Candy Kingdom, I was totally inspired by the icecream truck and by the cloud cuckoo sets to make this. I also have the ice cream truck but don't really know how to integrate it into the MOC. Ideas?

The phrase has, perhaps unsurprisingly, appealed to poets, novelists, and musicians over the years, because many artists quite like to inhabit utopias and explore their possibilities and their limitations. Cloudcuckooland is both the title of a 1990 album by the Lightning Seeds and a 1997 poetry collection by Simon Armitage.

Cloud Cuckoo Land was a realm that rested inside a massive cloud near Middle Zealand and was ruled by a unicorn-kitten hybrid named Unikitty. It was built out of thousands of colorful bricks and was inhabited by hundreds of minifigures. In contrast to heavily regulated Bricksburg, Cloud Cuckoo Land "has no rules" whatsoever. Emmet, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, and Batman arrived at Cloud Cuckoo Land to attend the assembly of the Master Builders. The realm was later attacked by fleets of Super Secret Police Dropships and all of the Master Builders (aside from the Fellowship of Strangers) and destroyed by gunfire and exploded and its remains fell into the sea below. 041b061a72

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