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How to Repair Alcor USB Flash Drives with FC MpTool V4.02

If you have a corrupted or unreadable USB flash drive that uses an Alcor chip controller, you may be able to fix it with FC MpTool V4.02. This is a free software tool that can recover Alcor FC8308, FC8508, FC8406, FC8708, Au698x, AU6981, AU6984, AU6986 controllers. Here are the steps to use FC MpTool V4.02:


  • Download FC MpTool V4.02 from [this link] and extract the rar file.

  • Insert your Alcor USB flash drive into your computer.

  • Run FC MpTool.exe as administrator.

  • Select your USB flash drive from the list and click Start.

  • Wait until the process is completed and check the status column.

  • If the status is OK, then your USB flash drive is repaired and formatted.

  • If the status is Fail, then try another version of FC MpTool or contact the manufacturer for support.

FC MpTool V4.02 is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can help you restore your Alcor USB flash drives to their original state. However, it is not guaranteed to work with all models and capacities of Alcor USB flash drives. Therefore, you should always backup your important data before using any recovery tool.

Benefits of Using Alcor USB Flash Drives

Alcor is one of the leading manufacturers of USB flash drives in the world. They offer a wide range of products with different features and specifications. Some of the benefits of using Alcor USB flash drives are:

  • They are compatible with most operating systems and devices.

  • They have high-speed data transfer rates and low power consumption.

  • They have various security options such as password protection, encryption, and anti-virus.

  • They have durable and stylish designs that can withstand shock, water, dust, and heat.

  • They have affordable prices and warranty services.

If you are looking for a reliable and convenient way to store and transfer your data, you can consider buying an Alcor USB flash drive. You can find more information about Alcor products on their [official website].

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