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The Noel Diary YIFY

I had been able to finish 80+ episode dramas but could not finish this 1.5-hour movie. There was zero chemistry between the leads and one of them was cheating on her fiancé who she was bad-mouthing to an almost stranger. No matter how bad the fiancé was, and he was not even that bad, a decent person would end a current relationship first before embarking on a new one. And the male lead was well aware of her engagement yet had no compunction being romantic with her while her fiancé was enthusiastically planning an engagement party.I also found it absurd that Rachel, whose supposedly main purpose in stalking Jake's house then driving from Massachusetts to Vermont with him was to find her mother, would take days to read her mother's diary but took one night to read Jake's novel that looked like it had at least 300 pages. There are many more absurdities, e.g. How could they sleep in the car in freezing weather, that turned me off.The only reason I did not give this a 1 star was because of the Christmas theme. I could never totally thrash anything in this genre.

The Noel Diary YIFY


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