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Buy Sell Used Cisco Equipment NEW!

With over 10 years experience as an online Cisco buyer, we have the Cisco trade-in process down to a science, making it quick and easy for you to sell your used Cisco hardware. For example, we offer free packaging materials custom tailored to your used Cisco hardware in order to make it easy to pack and ship. We even mail you pre-paid shipping labels and arrange for a pickup! Selling used Cisco online has never been easier, just fill out our form below to get started!

buy sell used cisco equipment

However, if you are eligible to use broker bin, it is a fairly comprehensive secondary market for used IT equipment that, once figured out, can provide very reasonable returns on your used networking equipment.

If you are interested in buying Cisco equipment, you have a number of options. You can buy equipment directly from Cisco or from authorized Cisco resellers. You can buy equipment new or used. Cisco hardware may be freely resold or leased.

We can help you buy used or secondary-market Cisco equipment with confidence. In the Cisco Hardware Inspection and Software Relicensing Program, we inspect the equipment and relicense the software. Leasing companies that want to re-lease a Cisco product to another customer after the original lease term has expired can also participate in the program.

This program protects Cisco intellectual property, and it protects your network. You can be assured that the equipment is in proper condition, that it is running the safest and most appropriate software, and that it can deliver the full value you expect.(Note: If you do not wish to go through the relicensing and inspecting of used or secondary-market equipment, you can buy refurbished equipment for 25 to 75 percent off the original list price through Cisco Refresh. For more information, visit: )

This page provides an overview of the Cisco policies governing used and secondary-market equipment and software relicensing. In the section "Using the Program," you will find the steps you take to have Cisco products relicensed and inspected.

The Cisco standard warranty and Cisco service and support contracts are not transferable. That means that any purchase of used or secondary-market Cisco equipment is not covered by the Cisco standard warranty and is not eligible for coverage by a Cisco support contract even if it is purchased through a Cisco channel partner or distributor.

Before used or secondary-market equipment can be placed under a new support contract, the requester must show proof of a valid software license and must have the equipment inspected to confirm that it is in proper working order and has been maintained appropriately. For more details visit the Non-Entitlement to Cisco Warranty and Service Support of Secondary Market Products Policy.

Customers who are interested in used or secondary-market Cisco equipment, but who do not wish to go through the process of relicensing and inspection, can buy remanufactured products through Cisco Refresh. For more information, visit:

A: No, unless it is specifically allowed under the Cisco Software License Transfer and Re-Use Policy. Cisco software licenses are not transferable from user to user unless otherwise stated by Cisco or required by applicable law. Any purchaser of used or secondary-market Cisco equipment is required to relicense the software. For further details read the End User License Agreement.

A: No. Use the global Compromised Equipment Return-to-Service (CERtS) process to determine under what circumstances (if any) the affected Cisco equipment may be re-entitled for Cisco maintenance and other Cisco services. Please initiate the CERtS process by emailing

Get cash for your used network equipment. We Buy Used Cisco and Foundry Networks switches, routers, telecom and networking hardware nationwide. We provide both business and corporate enterprise liquidation, valuation, asset recovery, and de-installation services for your surplus network hardware and telecom equipment. We guarantee you a fair market price quote on your surplus, used, refurbished or legacy technology equipment.

We buy your used Cisco hardware and make the process simple and painless. Call us today! (866) IT-ASSET to speak with a purchasing specialist, or send us a itemized list of the products you have available to sell.

If you have used Cisco routers that are no longer an active part of your networking architecture, why store them when you can sell them to Liquid Technology for a return on your investment?

I want to buy a cisco router and a cisco switch, but i don't know where to buy it. Because i only have little money, and i don't know about cisco equipments very well, so who can tell me where i can buy the cheapest and best cisco products, and they should provid free cisco support, because i never used cisco hardware before.

A reputable seller should also offer a warranty with their refurbished equipment, so your organization will be covered no matter what. For example, CXtec offers equal2new refurbished equipment which is performance guaranteed and comes with a true lifetime warranty as a standard business practice.

OEMS or original equipment manufacturers tend to sell new hardware and equipment at a reasonable price yet tack on higher service and maintenance contracts. Ultimately, this increases the overall cost of upgrading or implementing new hardware and systems. Sometimes the increase can even be so much that an enterprise is forced to avoid new equipment and costly upgrades altogether or must adopt lesser, sub-par hardware instead. Unfortunately, going with alternative hardware that is not as reliable or efficient can have a negative impact on business operations.

That brings us full circle to our inventory of Cisco brand hardware and equipment. You benefit from cost savings when purchasing from Worldwide Supply whether buying new, refurbished, used or end-of-life products. Yet, you are never burdened with sub-par devices, only the best of the best.

Maintain the quality and reliability your network needs, while saving money, when you buy used Cisco networking equipment and switches. Choose from a wide range of Cisco refurbished network equipment to support enterprises and service providers with intelligent Ethernet services. You can also enable Web-based monitoring and quickly scale your operations as you grow while maintaining quality and performance.

You can be sure that pre-owned equipment from Worldwide Supply offers a value-oriented and performance-ready investment. If you want to grow your network at a significantly reduced cost, then our end-of-life Cisco products, which sell by as much as 80 percent below OEM pricing, are an ideal solution.

Sell used Cisco or Juniper equipment to Equip Networks. Get a return on your investment by selling your used networking equipment to Equip Networks. We can accept any surplus Cisco, Nortel, Juniper, HP, 3Com, Packeteer, Brocade, Foundry, Enterasys or Avaya.

When it comes to support and warranty coverage, Aliter Networks is comparable to Worldwide Supply. Aliter Networks likewise covers pre-owned, used, or refurbished Cisco products with a lifetime warranty. Aside from that, each piece of network equipment is rigorously tested before sale.

NetEquity is a place where you can not only buy but also sell network equipment. If you are looking to sell your unused Cisco equipment, NetEquity promises to pay for the shipping and offer adequate money.

Finally, we have Twin Cities Digital, a seller of IT equipment based in Minneapolis. TC Digital offers same-day shipping, so if you are in the area of Minneapolis, you might be able to receive the equipment within the next business day.

Many shops don't realize this, but Cisco maintains their own standards for refurbished hardware, and an exclusive small network of authorized resellers who deal in this equipment. If you aren't dealing with an authorized reseller, you're taking a big gamble with your hardware investment.

Cisco certified resellers enjoy benefits others do not, and those benefits all go to helping you succeed with pre-owned hardware. Now with the revamped Cisco Refresh program you benefit from the same features of new Cisco equipment but at a fraction of the cost.

Authorized Cisco resellers can also provide official Cisco warranties. Every officially-certified piece of refurbished Cisco equipment carries the exact same warranty and service options as a new piece of hardware. This includes full access to Cisco's Technical Assistance Center.

Here's a question too many businesses don't think to ask: "Does this used equipment come with the right software licenses?" If they aren't authorized through Cisco, the answer is probably 'no'. Or, if the licenses are there, you're overpaying for "off the shelf" rates rather than getting a bundled deal.

If you're looking to buy used Cisco equipment, there's truly no good reason to go to anyone but an authorized refurbished Cisco retailer. The prices are a small fraction of the original cost, and you get every bit of warranty support as you would when buying a new product. has been in business for 25 years and we don't just sell used Cisco equipment. We stock it. In our own warehouse facility. Every single day. We specialize in buying, selling, and leasing refurbished, pre-owned, and unused networking equipment. Our primary area of focus is used Cisco equipment, but we can help you find equipment from Juniper, Brocade, HP, Dell and even older Adtran and Paradyne. We are interested in selling as well as buying opportunities including used Cisco VOIP, wireless, used ASA Firewalls, used Routers and used Switches. We offer the highest level of value, technical expertise, excellence, service, and product availability. If you buy from us, or sell to us, you'll have a clean simple experience that we hope will keep you coming back for years.

Our sales staff are all familiar with the technology so we can help IT and Network professionals purchase high quality used Cisco network equipment, including used Cisco routers, switches, security and IP telepony at a lower cost while maintaining the quality and offering a warranty better than new. We maintain an inventory of millions of dollars and thousands of items of used networking equipment that is typically available for overnight delivery. 041b061a72

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